Fremont Street is dedicated to catalyzing innovation in public schools at broad scale to better prepare all students to thrive in today's world while improving the jobs of educators.

We believe that in order to do this, we must dramatically shift the historical top-down approach to change in education by more deeply understanding and addressing the needs of all local stakeholders that play a critical role in the impact schools ultimately have on students.

We launch and invest in programs, initiatives, and organizations that start with educators, giving them a lead role in the innovation process and supporting them along the path to reimagining their schools in collaboration with leadership.  We build awareness of policies that inhibit change in schools that is better for kids and that educators want.


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September 12, 2018 - We are excited to announce the launch of a new research paper by the Clayton Christensen Institute funded by Fremont Street. In "The Teacher's Quest for Progress" authors Tom Arnett, Michael Horn and Bob Moesta challenge the historical top-down approach to change in education due to its failure to understand and address the true motivations of teachers.  Through the lens of Christensen's "Jobs to be Done" theory, the paper identifies four primary "jobs" that lead teachers to adopt new instructional strategies and provides direction to education leaders on engaging teachers for more successful change and innovation.

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