Fremont Street invests in programs, initiatives and organizations to catalyze innovation in public schools at broad scale to improve the job of teaching and better prepare all students to thrive in today’s world.

Educators and other local stakeholders lead and drive the innovation process.  Fremont Street brings resources and specialized partners to support them along the way through visioning, engagement, design and implementation.

Our investments and our work with schools and districts focus on five strategic areas. While a particular project or investment may focus on just one strategy, we believe that all, employed in combination and ongoing over time, are critical to achieving impact at scale.

We rigorously study and evaluate our work at a detailed level to capture actionable strategies and tactics that are most effective in each strategic area at supporting schools and districts along the path to transformation.


Schools and Districts We Support:

Currently, our work focuses on supporting small-medium sized public school districts in suburban, rural and small urban areas.


The majority of students and teachers in the U.S. are in schools in these areas outside of major urban centers.  While many of these districts have high need populations and challenges similar to those in big cities, they typically receive limited external support and have fewer local resources to draw upon as they seek to improve their schools. If we are serious about achieving broad impact, we must determine how to efficiently support these communities in reimagining their schools.


Five Strategic Areas